YouTube has started a new feature that will allow all nonprofits to broadcast live events through their own video channels.

YouTube has slowly been incorporating live streaming into it's portfolio for many different types of events. These include concerts, Google product launches, and political events. The service has also been integrated in the form of Google+ live hangouts with major groups and figures such as Android Developers and President Obama.

Today Google has opened the floodgates on live video streaming. Any nonprofit organization can apply here to set up live streaming events. Various nonprofit partners have already made use of the service. These include various World AIDS Day events and a live streamed play by the American Foundation on Equal Rights.

Members of YouTube's Nonprofit program are now able to open events to live viewing. The program is open to applicants in the U.S., Canada, U.K., and Australia. Instructions on enabling live streaming for your account can be found here.

The American Foundation for Equal Rights, a gay-rights organization that is challenging California’s ban on gay marriage, was one of the first to use the live streaming feature.

It has been viewed more than 530,000 times.

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