1. Naukri -www.naukri.com                                                             

It has one of the most comprehensive job searches and a plethora of opportunities.Clean interface provides excellent results across all categories. It also offers resume building services and resume flash through web based and sms alerts for you.

2. Monster India -www.monsterindia.com

Monster is a flagship brand of Monster Worldwide,Inc having the main objective to enable the job seekers find out about job/career and avenue to you.

3. Times Jobs - www.timesjobs.com

This site contains all types of jobs and helps individuals to find out job for your choice.It also offers a seperate portal for jobs in Middle East.

4. Shine - www.shine.com

Shine focuses on matching job opportunities with the applicant's unique skills and provides a salary benchmarking tool to you.

5. ClickJobs - www.clickjobs.com

This site allows to keep some of your information confidential if you desire. If a potential employer is interested to view your full profile,you will be directly contacted  through your email.

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