Have you ever wondered what happens to ones facebook account who is deceased, what if he is a prominent figure, notable personality, scientist, doctor or even a person who’s is just a facebook account holder, because everyone got some or the other to have to say It on social media.This question even tricked us just like many others had, being bloggers we found out what that actually happens from facebook side, and what does fb do for those accounts who are deceased and can no more access their accounts.

So here’s what fb does to those deceased, facebook will not grant anyone access to a deceased user account, but if the user of the account is deceased, their page will be turned into a memorial page once reqested. By filling out the form to turn an deceased users page into a memorial page, Facebook will remove sensitive information on the account like status updates and will only allow current friends to access the page. Family members will then be allowed to customize the page of the deceased user.

So any dear Parent, friend, colleague, and relatives can fill out this form and let his profile be memorialize by giving certain details like Network, Relationship to the person, proof of death (an obituary or news article)

Post contributed by Bhushan (The author can be contacted at bhushan10@live.com / www.twitter.com/punter_me

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