The boot record stores the first bits of software executed once the system BIOS hands control of the computer over to software.

The boot record stores instructions used to start Windows XP. Each drive partition can store a boot record.

Occasionally a boot record will be damaged and need to be repaired. This damage may be caused by a hardware error, software error, user error, or even malware such as a boot sector virus.

How to Recover a Boot Record in XP:

To recover the boot record in XP, use the fixboot command in the Recovery Console. The fixboot command will write a new boot sector to the partition.

Steps :

1. Boot with the XP installation CD.
2. When prompted, press R to repair a Windows XP installation.
3. If repairing a host with multiple operating systems, select the appropriate one (XP) from the menu. If you have only one operating system, enter 1 to select it.
4. Enter the administrator password if prompted.
5. To fix the MBR, use the following command:


This assumes that your installation is on the C:\ drive. You will be presented with several scary warning lines the reading of which will make you want to say no. Microsoft is exceptionally vague regarding the conditions under which fixmbr can cause problems although they are clear about the consequences (losing all data on the hard drive), so use this at your own risk.

Type Y and ENTER to fix the MBR.

Type exit to leave the recovery console and reboot

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