Google was the well known competing internet product, it has introduced many benefits to the users in the world wide.Though many companys were competing Google to attain their position in the internet, still no one has reached the destiny as Google does.Google’s New Cloud Operating System might be a add on to your PC in near future which directly boots without need of any OS and this might avoid virus, torzans and spy ware on the bay at least for a while.


Google is famous for bringing simple and innovative products almost all of their products are easy to use and gives a tough challenge to its rivals similar products even though they have a rich feature set compared to googles products, example Google’s Gtalk even though simple and have less features than yahoo or msn messenger many people like gtalk because of its simple and neat interface and many companies allows their employees to use Gtalk as their official messenger.
Did you know Google is planning to roll out somewhere in 2009 a mini operating system which which is light weight and very fast and contains all the necessary components for simple computing such as browsing and working with documents. this will be very useful for the people like our parents and non technical geeks who just use computer for just browsing and documentation work and nothing else.


Though this new expected operating system has an interface just like chrome i think this is awesome looking OS can be installed side to side with the regular OS and can be used when we just need to browse or check mails. look at below  for a demo given by a German folk:

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