The word is that Blue Screen a person plays a computer will familiar and the thing that everybody fear to don't want to are born with of the self because if be born that a signal informs that a computer of the self starts a problem, but at attractive for resent it tells to are password number that us you must puzzling because unknow that what is it means ? and will have how is the settlement ? how is I goes to read meet come to as for vacate have the meaning ? as a result try translate come to give you all get read think should in rows remedy meditation get ? light place password of Blue Screen really have hundred exceed but I will particular down happen often from the patrol.

1.(stop code 0X000000BE)Attempted Write To Readonly Memory
The cause and the trend correct :
Symptoms this born from downing driver or program or service that make a mistake such as some file file driver a person vacates the generation the settlement gives uninstall program will down before be born this problem if be driver as a result do something roll back driver old come to use or seek driver that be late come to down (in case of have new more) if be a member of service all at we open before are born a problem give do closing or disable.

2.(stop code 0X000000C2) Bad Pool Caller
The cause and the trend correct :
The this resemble with above but emphasize at the gang hardware be be born from upgrade the gang Hardware differ such as Ram Harddisk a card is all not compatible with XP settlement give take the equipment that upgrade go out if have to use down driver or update firmware of that new equipment and the warning will for something update close anti-virus too one it will confuse because program gang anti-virus it will think to is the virus.

3.(stop code 0X0000002E) Data Bus Error
The cause and the trend correct :
Symptoms this born from sending data that call that BUS of hardware be damaged which for example RAM system Cache L2 of CPU memory of the display card the hard disk works hard too…to error and mainboard lose.

4.(stop code 0X000000D1)Driver IRQL Not Less Or Equal
The cause and the trend correct :
The symptoms is driver with IRQ(Interrupt Request) disagree editing be like error that 1.

5. (stop code 0X0000009F)Driver Power State Failure
The cause and the trend correct :
Symptoms this be born from administration side energy system with driver or service oppose when you give a computer works like "Hibernate" the trend corrects if window inform error driver or service give uninstall that or will use the way Rollback driver or close the system manages the energy of windows.

6.(stop code 0X000000CE) Driver Unloaded Without Cancelling Pending Operations
The cause and the trend correct :
The symptoms is driver close oneself in spite of window still no order the editing do to is like 1.

7.(stop code 0X000000F2)Hardware Interrupt Storm
The cause and the trend correct :
The symptoms that is born from hardware equipment such as USB or SCSI controller very a position with IRQ make a mistake as the result of a litter is or Firmware the editing is like 1.

8.(stop code 0X0000007B)Inaccessible Boot Device
The cause and the trend correct :
Symptoms this often meet while will have messages tells can not read the data of system file or Boot partitions get give check the hard disk that usual ? late a raft or not is an electric line that reach the hard disk comes off ? if good usual give check the file Boot.ini may lose or have the work like Multi OS give look into acting as this file might write Config of OS oppose.
On the other hand that be born error. The this be be born while upgrade window as the result of there is the some equipment not Compatible give try take the equipment not necessary or think get into trouble go out when do something upgrade window. The orderly softly take the equipment has that to get into trouble add get back to then set up with driver the generation is late.

9. (stop code 0X0000007A) Kernel Data Inpage Error
The cause and the trend correct :
Symptoms this born get into trouble with the system virtual memory be windows can not read or write the data at swapfile get the cause might is born from the hard disk is born bad sector stick the virus system SCSI make a mistake RAM lose or a mainboard lose.

10.(stop code 0X00000077)Kernel Stack Inpage Error
The cause and the trend correct :
The symptoms and one cause with 9.

11.(stop code 0X0000001E)Kmode Exception Not Handled
The cause and the trend correct :
Symptoms this born the work that make a mistake of driver or service with memory and IRQ if there is the list of names of the file or service express come to with error this do something uninstall a program is or do something Roll back driver that.
If there is the giving information that error at the file win32k the cause is born from something control software of other company (Third-party) that don't use of window which like to to born with the gang Networking and Wireless mostly Error this may born the cause again type that be something run a program is all but the memory is not enough.

12.(stop code 0X00000079)Mismatched Hal
The cause and the trend correct :
Symptoms this born the work makes a mistake of Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) come to try to understand with the god HAL before HAL dare to at formed systematize contact with between the hardware with software that application ? run with which equipment are correct exemplify you have software that design keep apply to Dual CPU come to apply to a mainboard that is Single CPU window as a result do not work the way repairs to are reinstall window new the cause again bing file points that the name NToskrnl.exe or Hal.dll expire or corrected take Backup file or take original the file which think to don't lose or version be late copy overlay the file which lose.

13.(stop code 0X0000003F)No More System PTEs
The cause and the trend correct :
Symptoms this born from the system Page Table Entries (PTEs) work by Virtual Memory Manager (VMM) make a mistake make window work by have no PTEs which be the necessities for window this symptoms will like to to is born with with regard to you works like multi monitors if you are born this problem many times you can fine to decorate PTEs get new as follows.
- Open Registry upward correct by go to at Start > Run already print the order Regedit.
- Go to follow this key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\ControlSession\ManagerMemory\Management
- See at right hand window switch off click at PagedPoolSize give add the value is 0 at Value data and click OK.
- Doubleclick at SystemPages if you use screen system like Multi Monitor give add 36000 values at Value data or add 40000 values if you have RAM 128 MB and 110000 values in case of have RAM exceed 128 MB already click more OK restart The.

14.(stop code 0X00000024) NTFS File System
The cause and the trend correct :
Symptoms this the cause is born from something a report makes a mistake of Ntfs.sys be driver of NTFS read and write the data makes a mistake veer this include the work makes a mistake of controller of IDE or SCSI because of the work of scan virus program or the area of the hard disk lose you all can know the detail of error this get by open see at Event Viewer the way opens go to at start > run already print the order eventvwr.msc for open see Log file of something error by see something error of SCSI or FASTFAT in a category System or Autochk in a category Application.

15.(stop code 0X00000050)Page Fault In Nonpaged Area
The cause and the trend correct :
Symptoms this separation making a mistake cause of data writing in RAM editing give clean RAM leg or try alternate RAM sees or seek a program that at test RAM comes to check that or not is RAM lose.

16.(stop code 0Xc0000221)Status Image Checksum Mismatch
The cause and the trend correct :
This cause symptoms is from swapfile be damaged include driver with editing be like 15 was.

17.(stop code 0X0000007F) unexpected Kernel Mode Trap
The cause and the trend correct :
Symptoms this the majority is will with extremely Overclock be the symptoms RAM send the data gives CPU do not be related be CPU run too fast or hot too the cause is born from something Overclock the way repairs to are decrease clock get down usual to or seek the way lets off the heat from CPU too much most.

18. (stop code 0X000000ED)Unmountable Boot Volume
The cause and the trend correct :
The symptoms that window seek the hard disk doesn't meet (be not the system boot) in case of you have many hard disk the time in that you might use late a raft of hard wrong disk such as the hard disk is like 33MB/secound which must use late 40 pin rafts but you take like 80 pin go to build replace

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