There are several features that come with modern gadgets that have now become essential in terms of their use and easiness. Bluetooth is one the features that is considered as a must especially in mobile phone and laptops too. Bluetooth technology is not only included in various devices but also available as a stand along devices. There are many advantages of Bluetooth because of which it has become top choice for wireless connectivity. A couple of advantages of Bluetooth are listed below:

Cost of Bluetooth:
The end of user of Bluetooth technology is widely benefited because of low manufacturing cost of Bluetooth. Due to low cost technology, almost every technology manufacturer include Bluetooth in every new device they make.

Fully Automatic Device:
Being automatic, Bluetooth usually doesn’t require any detail set-up. As two or more Bluetooth devices connect quite automatically provided they are within the range of 6 meters or 30 feet. After communication handshake between two or more Bluetooth devices begins, devices create personal area networks and rest is 100% automatic and you don’t need any other setup or procedure for receiving or sending the files from one device to other.

Reduced Chances of Interference:
As compared to other connecting wired or wireless devices, communication via Bluetooth does not affected by any sort of interference. This is mainly because of two reasons; the first reason is spread spectrum frequency hopping technology and very low powered wireless signals. As Bluetooth technology requires little energy and will therefore use less battery or electrical power. Because of this reason, Bluetooth technology is a preferred choice for mobile industry and every new mobile is included with Bluetooth in it.

Type of Files that Can be Shared:
There is a general misconception about Bluetooth devices that these can only handle some specific file types whereas the Bluetooth standard allows compatible devices to share both voice and data communications.
Looking at the various advantages of Bluetooth technology, Bluetooth can be considered an economic wireless solution for both data & voice. It can also be said that Bluetooth wireless technology also makes our lives so much easier.

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