A person, who works regularly on Windows XP, should know a few basics about windows and the computer. He should be able to bifurcate problems of hardware and software. Solution to any problem is possible once you identify the problem. For any problem related with hardware, you cannot change the operating system and for software related problems, you cannot touch and alter the mother board.

Many people resolve windows XP problems by just reinstalling the software, but this is not a solution. It is like spending $100 for $2 work. Sometimes, the problem may be minor, which can be resolved by restoring back up or by changing registry information. Listed below are some of the major problems of Windows XP where you may need to use Windows XP repair services.

1. System configuration changes due to change in hardware.

Many a times the hardware card is not compatible to your system and while installing it, you are forced to change the system registry which poses a problem to other applications. You need to remove the newly installed hardware and set configuration to the previous settings.

To change the system configuration with previous settings, you need to log on as an administrator. Go to Start->Programs->Accessories->System Tools->System Restore.

2. System cannot access CD Rom or DVD recorders.

You should always install Nero after you install the Windows XP. If you are upgrading Windows from any other version and Nero was already installed for the previous windows version, then your CD Rom drive will not work. You need to install Nero all over again.

3. Creating the boot disk for repairing windows.

When you install windows XP for the first time, you can create this boot disk. At the time of installation, Windows XP asks you for the option. In case of any further problem, you need to boot the system with the bootable disk to start the computer and then change any of the required options.

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