Google has become so ubiquitous in the web world, it’s no wonder that it became synonym for the Internet, it’s a wonder people surf Internet yet they don’t know google in the other way round .

How many times have you made searches on google? How you search on google ,you see search bar enter a key word and you click on google search, you see I’m Feeling Lucky button just besides the Google search button, have you ever clicked on I’m Feeling Lucky button, what does it do ? What  it costs google giving this  feature ?

The "I'm Feeling Lucky" button automatically takes you to the first web page returned for your query.
An  "I'm Feeling Lucky" search means less time searching for web pages and more time looking at them.

And this is what typically what I’m Feeling Lucky does, In 2007 Google estimated that 1% of Google searches go through the I’m Feeling Lucky button- skipping Google’s search results pages entirely .

That meant that Google showed ZERO ads (and therefore got ZERO ad clicks) on 1% of all Google search queries. Back in 2007,an analyst suggested the “ I’m Feeling Lucky “ button probably costs Google as much as $100 million per year.

What Google had to say on this way back in 2007,they hadn’t ditched the button because “ It’s possible to become too dry, too corporate, too much about making money .”

Google just offed one of it's oldest, quirkiest features – the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button. The good news is that in the process, Google added about another hundred million dollars in revenue.

It so happened today , and Google announced "Google Instant." Now, when you go to and start typing a search into the search bar, Google instantly begins showing search results. Users no longer have a chance to click the "I'm Feeling Lucky Button" before they begin seeing search results. Essentially, the feature is dead.

So, Google does killing the "I'm feeling lucky" button gain Google more than $100 million.

If you prefer to use the Google Instant feature(by default it's on), click the link next to Google’s search box that says(after you enter any keyword) - “Instant is on” and turn it off .

Presently Google Instant feature live on homepage.

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